Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm so glad you stopped by.

I love anything bright, colorful, detailed, and handcrafted, and I especially love to make jewelry. I am a self-taught jewelry-maker, having developed a love for it after many years of cross-stitching and embroidering, which eventually lead to bead embroidery. From there it was only a short jump from bead embroidery to taking beads and creating jewelry with them. I have been making jewelry for over a decade now and I don't think I'll stop anytime soon. I love making all kinds of jewelry, but my favorite technique is wire-wrapping.

I am a former architecture student turned art/architectural historian, both of which allowed me to pursue my love of color and design during my younger years. After several years in administrative and accounting work and a stint in the museum industry I now pursue my jewelry passion full-time, and my new dream is to someday be able to sell my jewelry creations.

I currently live in San Diego, CA, but secretly I pine for my beloved Pacific Northwest. Or any place green, really.

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