April 20, 2015

Jewelry Upcycle: Walmart Clearance to World Market-Inspired Jewelry Set

If you've read many of my other jewelry posts, you might have noticed I'm a big fan of tribal-style jewelry. Perhaps influencing my love of tribal jewelry is my life-long love of eastern/ethnic metal jewelry--think Middle Eastern, Turkish, Indian, etc. So it should come as no surprise then that I LOVE World Market, and especially their jewelry. Sadly, their jewelry is usually priced much higher than what I'm willing to pay for trendy jewelry that will likely go out of style after a few more seasons, so I rarely buy jewelry there unless there's a mega sale or I have a really good coupon. Well, sometime last November/December while doing some Christmas shopping I found a fabulous necklace there that was just calling my name...but it was almost $40. 

The World Market necklace I fell in love with. Just look at all those gorgeous
Turkish coin dangles!

That's more than two tanks of gas for my car, folks. Call me cheap, but I'm not willing to spend $40 on a metal statement necklace! I've kept my eye on it ever since, hoping it would go on clearance or something...but no such luck. I even searched bead stores high and low for coin-like beads so I could create my own version of the necklace, but had absolutely no luck finding anything that would work and not cost as much as the original necklace. Then one day I saw some necklaces at Walmart featuring gold and silver coin dangles that were on clearance for $5 each, and the creative gears in my brain started whirling...I hadn't considered a mixed metal version before, but for that clearance price I was willing to rework my vision a little. :)

The clearance Walmart necklace that sparked the idea for my knockoff coin jewelry.

I grabbed up four of the Walmart necklaces, got busy taking them apart, then gathered some silver-tone flower connectors I had in my stash (originally from Hobby Lobby). After playing around with some layouts, here's what I finally decided on:

The entire necklace (with the exclusion of the flower connectors from HL)--and I mean every single jump ring, bead, chain, and the clasp--came from the Walmart clearance jewelry. I didn't have to use any of my own supplies. I used three $5 Walmart necklaces to create my World Market knock-off necklace, so $15 compared to the $37 price tag at World Market! And I didn't even use the thick cable chains that were the bases of the original Walmart necklaces, so I've added several necklace-length cable chains to my supply stash for something else in the future, which is awesome--chain can be expensive!

I decided to add the three beaded strands above the coin dangles because I wanted to add more depth to the necklace and because I wanted to use up as many components from the Walmart necklaces as I could. Since the Walmart components were mostly cheap metal and plastic, I knew I wouldn't use them in any of my future jewelry creations and I figured I might as well try to use as many as possible with this project.

I ended up only using three of the Walmart necklaces for my knock-off necklace, which left one Walmart necklace still unused. As I said above, I knew I wouldn't use the components in any other future jewelry creations, so I wanted to figure out some way to use the rest of the leftovers...which lead to matching earrings and a bracelet. I don't usually make full jewelry sets, but I really like how these turned out.

Unfortunately, the earrings turned out a bit too heavy as the coin dangles are metal and not just coated plastic, so at some point I need to figure out a new design. It took several attempts to come up with this first version that I really liked though, so I'm not in any hurry!

The bracelet was fairly simple to put together--it was really mostly about using up the clear plastic beads. I added some flower connectors at each end to tie the design elements together, and added the two coin dangles I had left near the clasp as a fun aesthetic element.

I've already had the chance to wear this necklace once and I think I like it even better than the World Market version! I mean, gold + silver = goes with anything. And because the three strands of clear beads are all cheap plastic they're super lightweight, so the only weight in the necklace actually comes from the bottom strand with the coin dangles. And while the coin dangles are a little heavy for delicate earlobes, they don't feel heavy around the neck at all.

I'm so happy with how this necklace (and the entire set) turned out. $20 for a statement necklace AND matching earrings AND a matching bracelet?? That's my kind of price.

Are you frugal with your jewelry purchases? Do you like tribal/ethnic jewelry styles? Have you ever checked out Walmart jewelry? I'd love to know.


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  1. Beautiful work...more so than the World Market one!!

    1. Many thanks, Lynda! You are so kind! :)

  2. wow i would have never guess the pieces came from a walmart necklace. this looks amazing!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I was so excited to find the coin dangles on a (clearance) Walmart necklace. Who'd have thought? Walmart is killing it this year with their new line of statement jewelry!


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