May 31, 2015

'Caribbean Sea' Wire Wrapped Layered Necklace's another cheesy name. For the win. At least the necklace isn't cheesy. Well, at least don't think it is. In fact, this piece is another mega win in my book. But then by now you probably know how much I love chain and layers and mixed metals and bright colors. So of course I'm totally digging it.

It's another piece inspired by my Bombay Dreaming necklace, though I made more changes to the style and layout with this version than with my Twilight Skies version.

You might notice that the layers in this version lay much closer together. I also did three rows of beads and two layers of handmade chain with glass pearls (no plain, store-bought chain layers), so this necklace is much fuller than the previous two.

I love the mix of copper, silver, and antique bronze wire paired with the blues and greens and pearls.

I used glass pearls in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm sizes, as well as a variety of glass, aventurine, and quartzite beads in shades of pale green, turquoise, pale blue, and cobalt. I titled this piece 'Caribbean Sea' since it contains so many of the beautiful shades found on a tropical beach--copper, bronze and silver like grains of sand, and shades of green, turquoise and blue like tropical ocean waves.

All of the wire forms are handmade (using the same process as I detailed in the Twilight Skies post). I kind of think this wire form is sort of reminiscent of a sea anemone...can you see it? I think it compliments the 'sea' theme nicely. (BTW, this was totally an accident. I didn't purposely create the wire shape with sea anemone in mind...I just wanted to try a new shape, and BAM. Sea life.)

The antique bronze connectors in this piece are handmade as well, although since the chains I attached to them are so much fuller in this version I think now that I should have made the connectors a little bigger...they're a bit small to hold so many large beads and chain links, and I think they get a little lost amid the connection chaos. 

I added some more hand-formed copper wire chain around the back of the necklace to keep it from feeling too bulky around the neck and used a pretty 6mm glass pearl to connect it to the bronze wire connectors and chains below.

I finished off the necklace with a silver toggle clasp to keep with the mixed metal look. One of the things on my 'To Do.........Someday' list is to come up with some unique handmade wire wrapped toggle clasps, but until then, some of those store bought toggles are just so lovely I can't resist using them.

I love the pretty mix of colors and the full, beaded layers of this piece. So many textures and colors and sizes going on all at once.

I also made it a bit shorter this time, so it doesn't hang quite as long as the last version--and I like this length so much better! It makes a really beautiful statement necklace, and because the chain is all made from lightweight German Copper wire, the necklace itself is light and not heavy at all around the neck. Perfect for summer wearing (or fall or spring or winter).

One of the things I like most about this necklace is that, excepting the clasp, the entire piece is handmade! I didn't include any store bought chain this time--it's all made of hand formed wire links. I'm excited to give this necklace a spin in the near future. The mix of metals allows it to be worn both casually or more formally, so I really I can wear it anywhere!

Do you make your own wire clasps? What do you think of mixing bronze, copper and silver? Are you totally tired of my ocean-inspired jewelry yet?? I'd love to know.


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