June 24, 2017

Vintage-Inspired Multi-Strand Necklace


This necklace started out as an idea to use up leftover beads, and the design was inspired by a vintage necklace I saw a character wear in a Hallmark Channel mystery movie.

(Actress Sarah Strange in one of the Garage Sale Mystery movies from the
Hallmark Channel, wearing the inspiration necklace for the piece I created.)
My original plan had been to use up the many leftover silver and black beads I had from my New Years Eve necklace and earrings set, but of course as I laid out my design and things evolved I couldn't find just exactly the beads I wanted from my stash, so naturally I had to buy some new beads. So much for my plan to try and use up some of my overflowing bead collection!

I think the silver luster glass, antique brass and rhinestone spacers, and crystal bars really give this necklace a vintage feel, even if none of the beads are from a bygone era.

I created the crystal 'bars' by stinging together graduated sizes of icicle-shaped glass crystal beads and wire-wrapping them snugly together to hold their straight shape.

The silver luster glass beads add an elegant sparkle, and when paired with the antique brass and rhinestone spacers definitely have an old-world feel.

In the interest of not buying even more new supplies and trying to use up what I had on hand, I created a couple of simple wire connector elements for the sides. These look much too modern for the vintage vibe I wanted, so I tried to help them mesh with the design a little better by embellishing them with small silver luster glass rondelles.

The chain and toggle clasp are handmade as well, and I kept the decoration on the toggle simple to better tie in with the side connector elements. As usual I used German style wire for all of the findings, chain and wrapped components.

This necklace was difficult to photograph because of the contrast between the clear crystals, the shiny silver, and the opaque black beads. And I don't think any photograph can accurately capture the level of sparkle this necklace brings when the light hits it.

The design for this piece was meant to be simple and striking, rather than one of the crazy colorful and detailed mega-pieces I usually make, and it was nice to give my fingers a little break. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out--I think this necklace is simple enough for daytime work wear, and yet definitely fancy enough for an evening out. 

What do you think, do you get a vintage vibe from this necklace? How would you wear it? I'd love to know!

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  1. I love the connectors for they lend a lot of character to the piece

    1. Many thanks, Divya! I enjoyed the little details of the connectors and toggle.


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