March 18, 2014

Wire Wrapped Gold Chandelier Earrings

I'm still pretty stuck on my wire-working kick. And after I created my Wire-Wrapped Silver Chandelier Earrings--and wore them four times in one week--I knew I wanted to create another pair, but this time in gold. So I fiddled around a bit and came up with a slightly different look, and I think they're really fun.

I used the same basic steps to make these earrings as I did the silver pair, and the same simple materials. Wire in 16-, 20-, and 26-gauge thicknesses, a few jump rings, some small gold seed beads, and a couple of larger decorative gold beads. I finished the earrings with store-bought lever-back ear wires rather than making my own simple ear wires, simply because I like the security that lever-backs provide (but if you want these to be totally handmade, ear wires are very simple to make).

For a quick rundown of the steps to create your own wire-wrapped chandelier earrings, check out the post for my Wire-Wrapped Silver Chandelier Earrings. I made the following changes for the gold earrings pictured above:

1. Like before, I started with 6-inch lengths of 16-gauge wire to make the frames, but to give these earrings a little different style I changed the shape of the frames slightly to make them more elongated and give them a tear drop shape.

2. I also altered how I wrapped the small seed beads to the frame by wrapping them only around the bottom of the frame wire instead of alternating top and bottom, and I also left more space between each bead (four wraps with the 26-gauge wire between each bead).

3. I didn't create a bead connector to be used between the earring frames and ear wires since the earring frame is already pretty long, but you'll notice from the pictures that I used a few more jump rings to connect the ear wires directly to the frame.

4. One of the most fun changes I made was in the center dangle. Instead of stringing a couple of beads together to create a typical bead dangle, I created my own 'cones' by coiling 20-gauge wire around one of the points of my needle-nose pliers. Once I had the cones at the size I wanted, I trimmed the ends of the wire at the bottom of the cones and tucked it up inside the hollow center of the cone. Because the opening at the top of the cone is quite small, I trimmed the ends of the wire at the top but didn't tuck it inside the cone. I then took a length of wire with a small loop at the end, strung a decorative bead onto the wire, then ran the wire through the cone and finished it off with a wrapped loop at the top which I connected to the jump rings at the top of the frame, so that the cone-and-bead dangle could hang down through the empty center of the frame.

5. I then created a few small bead dangles and hung them from the small loop under the decorative bead on each earring. Just for a little more pizzazz.

And that's it. Another simple, yet detailed pair of beautiful earrings. Large enough to make a statement, but simple enough to be casual. Intricate, elegant, feminine, and fun. I can't wait to wear these with everything this week! 

Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry? Big, ornate earrings or small and simple? I'd love to know.

Sarah Marie

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  1. You are so talented! I love big statement earings, always have - can I put an order in for these please??? #AllAboutYou

    1. Thank you for the kind words. :) I'm glad to find another big statement earring-lover!

  2. PS - have tweeted this post out x


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