March 25, 2014

Wire Wrapped Geometric Chandelier Earrings...and How to Cram Several Fashion Trends Into One Outfit

I'm really digging the geometric trend that is so popular this season. Recently I've been inspired by all the gorgeous earrings on Hart of Dixie (Do you watch that tv show?? I. Love. It. I seriously want to move to Bluebell, Alabama. Like, right now.). Dr. Zoe Hart is something of a fashion plate, and I always know that whatever I see her wearing is soon to top the US fashion I've been SO excited to see her sporting all sorts of fabulous, big earrings this season. This means that big earrings are coming back into style! Big, fancy earrings are sort of an addiction of mine. And while over the last couple of years I've bowed to the more recent trend of small studs (which was actually more thanks to the super short pixie haircut I got last year than to current style trends), I'm not afraid to say it out loud: I LOVE BIG EARRINGS. And the combination of tribal and geometric patterns in gorgeous jewelry is SO FABULOUS right now!

While my hair was super short I stuck to tiny studs, but a few months ago I decided to start growing it out...and now that it's mostly past my ears I'm finally pulling my dangly earring collection back out of storage. But since most of my earrings are several years old, I decided it was time to update my collection a bit to reflect current fashion trends. And since I'm challenging myself to not buy anything new this year, I decided to create something myself. So I whipped out my trusty jewelry wire and wire-working tools and got to work. 

I LOVE how these turned out! Almost exactly like what I'd envisioned in my head. They're kind of a mix of both tribal and geometric, but however I choose to style them I think they're a great addition to my spring and summer wardrobe.

I made these earrings using the same techniques as in my bohemian-esque Wire Wrapped Silver Chandelier Earrings and Wire Wrapped Gold Chandelier Earrings. I started with 16-gauge wire in 5-inch lengths for the frames, and used about 4 feet of 26-gauge wire per earring for wrapping the smaller beads to the frames. I used scrap bits of chain I had lying around, a few silver jump rings, and some plain silver spacer beads in various sizes to add some flair.

And just for fun, I thought I'd include a photo of the outfit I wore today to 'christen' my fun new earrings:

I was trying to wear something cute that had tribal elements to compliment the earrings, and realized after taking the photo that I'm kind of a walking poster child for fashion overkill. How many current fashion trends can I fit into one outfit? Let's see: cutesy wedges, skinny jeans, tribal print tee, neon mint OMBRE boyfriend cardigan, and geometric earrings. Whew. A bit too much? I actually kind of like it all together, so maybe don't tell me (ha!).

So there you go--a jewelry AND a fashion post, all in one. I apologize for my lack of Closet Project posts the last two weeks. So far 2014 has just been a rough year. I mentioned in a previous post that I follow a pretty strict (and very non-mainstream) diet, but I didn't mention that it's due to autoimmune illness. And so far this year I feel like it's been a constant struggle with mini flair-up after flair-up, thanks to a miscarriage, a rotten cold, and a really rotten sinus infection. I don't know whether I'll gather the energy any time soon to put together another Closet Project post, but since resting on the couch with a few hand tools and some jewelry wire is pretty stress-less, you'll likely be seeing some more jewelry projects in the near future!

That's all for now. What do you think of the tribal and geometric trends? Are you excited for big earrings to come back into style or do you prefer smaller studs? I'd love to know.

Sarah Marie

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  1. I just want to make everything you make!!! I need to do more wire wrapping!!

    1. Ha! Rebecca you are always just too sweet! I really love wire wrapping...I love trying to figure out how to transfer the architecture of a design in my head into wire and beads. Sometimes it works, sometimes it soooo doesn't lol. Good luck in your wire wrapping endeavors!


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