July 31, 2014

Anthropologie-Inspired Knockoff Necklaces

If you haven't figured it out by now, I love colorful jewelry. I just plain old love color in general, and it's even better when it comes in the form of sparkly accessories. So when I saw some of Anthropologie's summer necklace line, I was in love. Check out their Quimera necklace:

And it comes in two different colors! Check out the 'Lime' version:

I loved the colors, textures, and overall chunky style of these necklaces, but I did NOT love the price. $68 for a necklace? Of course my I-can-make-it-for-cheaper mentality immediately kicked in and I pulled out my bead stash to see what I could throw together. Here's what I came up with using the above Anthropologie necklaces for inspiration:

Obviously they're not exact replicas, but the colors and layout of each necklace are similar. And considering each necklace cost less than half of the Anthro version? I'm pretty happy with them.

I'm not a huge fan of the large turquoise beads--I'd rather have used some pretty abalone shell beads but I didn't have enough in my stash. I think overall it's still a fun necklace though!

I would have liked the lime version to have a fourth strand, but I didn't have enough green beads for more than three. The blend of bright colors really takes the show here though, and if you didn't know the original version had four strands you might not even think one is missing here.

Both necklaces use simple stringing and crimping techniques (you can find many basic jewelry technique tutorials here ), so the only real challenge was designing the actual layout of each necklace.

The necklace above uses a mix of glass, coral, cherry quartz, howlite, magnesite, quartzite, and natural shell beads.

This necklace combines glass, magnesite, quartzite, cherry quartz, and silver plated beads.

I love how colorful and bright they are for summer! I've worn them both on multiple occasions and they really are a great pick-me-up on both sunny and rainy days (can you say holy summer thunderstorms, anyone? We're getting absolutely pummeled here.).

What jewelry are you loving for summer? Do you enjoy bright colors or do you prefer more neutral jewelry? I'd love to know.

Sarah Marie

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  1. both look great as you said, unless someone points out to the anthro version none would find anything amiss here

  2. These are gorgeous, so bright!

  3. I never wear any jewellery but I love these. You may have just inspired me!

  4. I love the top one in the lime colourway! Stunning! Ax

    1. Thank you Andrea! It's my favorite as well. I just couldn't resist the sapphire/coral/lime pairing...the bright colors just inspire a great mood!

  5. Gorgeous necklaces! My favorite is the turquoise necklace.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party!

    1. Thank you so much! Turquoise and coral is such a hot pairing right now...I couldn't resist making my own version of this necklace!


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