July 14, 2014

Contemporary Victorian-Gothic Statement Necklace

A quick note: About a month ago I posted a survey asking what jewelry (earring) project y'all might want to see a tutorial for, with the intention of posting the most requested earring tutorial sometime in July after my hubby and I had finished moving into our new home. As it turned out, I received only a few votes and there just didn't seem to be much interest in an earring tutorial (and with six different earrings to choose from and only a handful of votes, no clear winner), so that project has been put on hold for now. In the meantime, while I finish unpacking all my jewelry supplies so I can begin some new projects, I have a few older projects to show you!

I'm not a jewelry historian. I'm not an expert in determining what era a piece of jewelry came from. I am, however, an architectural historian, and there are artistic styles and elements that correspond with certain eras of architecture. I dubbed this piece a modern re-imagining of Victorian and Gothic styles because of the elements it contains. 

The pretty, delicately scrolled focal pieces feel romantic and elegant to me, which reminds me of Victorian style. 

The heavy drape of the dark, hematite-colored chains reminds me of the dark, broody elements associated with Gothic style.

I think the clasp is a gorgeous mix of styles, combining both dark and light stones in a thick, heavy construction peppered with delicate pewter details. A perfect mix to compliment the darkness of the Gothic elements and the lightness of the Victorian elements.

The construction techniques are really very simple. I strung together the focal sliders on good quality beading wire and added some bicone crystals between the sliders on the bottom stringing wire to create a smooth,  curved shape. I then crimped each end of the beading wire to double strands of hematite-colored chain and covered the crimps with pretty crimp covers since the crimps remain visible in the finished piece. If you'd like step-by-step instructions for this stringing process, check out the tutorial for my Sweet Xs and Os Valentine's Statement Necklace--it uses the exact same technique!

I connected the chains to the rhinestone elements along the sides with large jump rings. I was fortunate that my rhinestone pieces already had perfectly placed holes as part of their design. You could also use rhinestone pieces that are intentionally designed to be connector elements and have attached jump rings or connector bits incorporated into their design.

I attached the gorgeous toggle clasp with a couple of large, heavy-guage jump rings, and that was it!

A beautiful, feminine, and edgy-yet-delicate necklace, perfect for a night on the town paired with a summer maxi OR a winter blazer!

How would you wear this necklace? Do you like mixing artistic styles with your accessories? I'd love to know!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Afraid I'm not much of a DIY girl, but would be very happy to hear if you decide to sell your pieces! Thanks for linking up to All About You, come back on Tuesday!



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