July 9, 2014

Tribal-Inspired Jewelry

I love the tribal trend that is so popular right now! I love the combination of bright colors, natural beads, and chunky geometric shapes. Last fall I made several necklaces inspired by the tribal trend, and while right now it's waayyyy too warm for me to consider wearing big, heavy necklaces (I tend to sweat mostly on my face, neck, and chest when I get hot...I know, so not attractive), I can't wait to start wearing them again once the cooler weather returns this fall!

If you haven't tried out the tribal trend yet, a great necklace is the perfect way to dive in without spending a bunch of money on new clothing. And if you find you're not a fan, you can just take that necklace apart and reuse the beads for something else! Here are some of the pieces I've made...

Necklace #1:
This necklace was lightly inspired by this piece from Noonday. My version combines dyed howlite, agate, cherry quartz, dyed magnesite, vintage lucite, ceramic, and silver plate beads. The beads are strung on beading wire and crimped to small sections of chain which are attached with jump rings to the pewter clasp. Super simple jewelry-making techniques that anyone can master! I love the combination of deep, earthy colors--it pairs wonderfully with black and white tribal prints.

Necklace #2:
This piece wasn't inspired by anything in particular, just my love of chunky beads and long necklaces. I used Chinese marble, magnesite, and silver plated beads in this piece, and used a simple wire wrapping technique to attach each bead to the next, allowing for more movement between the beads than with stringing. I love that this necklace can be worn as one long (double) strand or doubled up for a chunky, multi-strand look.

Necklace #3:
This piece was inspired by all of the beautiful colors of stones common in southwestern tribal silver jewelry. I strung several colors of dyed magnesite and silver plate beads together using a simple stringing technique to finish off the ends with detailed silver-plated cones attached to some large chain, and the same wire-wrapping technique as above to attach the chain links to the toggle clasp.

Necklace #4:
 This is another piece inspired by the colors common in southwestern tribal jewelry. The design itself is a recreation of this Anthropologie necklace. I used dyed magnesite, quartzite, new Chinese marble, and sterling silver components to create this necklace, and doubled up the chain to add a bit more of a chunky look. This is such a fun piece, and actually works well for summer as it's not too heavy!

Necklace #5:
This is another Anthropologie-influenced necklace, using dyed magnesite, banded agate, red agate, cherry quartz, dyed quartzite, Chinese crystal, dyed jade nuggets, labradorite, and glass beads. The beads were simply strung on high-quality beading wire and crimped to the gorgeous bronze clasp. The colors are perhaps not as earthy as typical tribal-inspired jewelry, but the chunky feel of the necklace and the natural beads still give it an earthy, bohemian feel, perfect for brightening up a solid-color maxi dress or skirt.

I hope these pieces have given you some ideas for tribal-inspired jewelry of your own. And if you do make something, let me know--I'd love to see your creations!

What are your thoughts on the current tribal trend? Have you made any tribal-inspired jewelry?

Sarah Marie

**I am not an affiliate for any of the companies linked in this post and have not received any sort of compensation; I just want to give credit for design inspiration where credit is due!

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  1. I love big chunky necklaces, and have a mixture including some tribal inspired pieces too. I love the clasps that you've used - it feels like you get a statement at the front as well as at the back, and a reason to wear your hair up to show off that feature. You are so very talented!


    1. Thank you so much Zaz! I always think an artistic necklace deserves an artistic clasp. And they just add so much extra glam! Probably one of my favorite parts of a beautiful necklace.

  2. Oh they are beautiful and beyond! I love myself a good statement necklace, having the - ahem - assets to carry it :-) and the clasp are amazing. I was thinking the same as Zaz - you need to wear your hair up! My favourite is probably the second, love the colours and the floral clasp :-) Really, great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the second one as well...it's so versatile and can be worn multiple ways. I used to be hesitant about wearing necklaces so as not to draw attention to my own (ahem) ample assets :) Now I can't stop making them!


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