May 3, 2017

Gypsy Fringe Earrings

Most of the jewelry I post here on the blog falls into the 'statement necklace' category, and in fact, that's what I've focused most on creating the past two or three years. Maybe because that's the direction commercial fads have been trending? However, truth be told (and if you've followed my blog from the beginning you already know), I am an earring girl at heart. I LOVE a big earring. Pretty much the bolder the better, in my book. I can't get enough of them. Especially with lots of metal and fringe and details. And now that I've grown my hair out again (to my shoulders, anyway) after keeping it pixie-short for two or three years, I can finally pull off a big earring again. YES.

These earrings were inspired by another pair I made a few years back, but these are bigger and bolder. The chandelier frames are made of copper-colored German style wire, and I just used a small bottle to shape the curve and some round pliers to create the looped portion along the bottom. (Obviously I ended up switching out the beads in the photo below, but you get an idea of how the frames were put together.)

With these earrings I wanted to experiment with adding a few unexpected details to bring a little extra excitement to the fairly basic design. I added some copper colored beads along both the top and bottom frames for a little extra pizzazz.

I added a bit of color with a delicate chain of tiny blue agate beads accenting the chandelier window.

I also tried to add a little extra bling with some tiny crystals at the bottom of each fringe dangle. The fringe dangles themselves are made of copper-colored glass bugle beads strung on ball head pins.

I added a center dangle of rock crystal and nebula glass for some big sparkle, and boom--simple earrings that make a big impact.

I just love these earrings and I can't wait to make more. They have presence, sparkle, and movement, and they fit perfectly into the boho/gypsy fashion trend that is so popular right now. They're the perfect statement earrings!

How do you feel about big earrings, yea or nay? What details would you add to future pairs? I'd love to know.

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